The Group

The Conserve Italia Group represents one of Europe’s largest agri-food industries. It is an Italian company that forms part of Confcooperative (Confederation of Italian Cooperatives), a cooperative organisation that includes 14,000 farmers. In the last 30 years, the Conserve Italia Group has established its international position by means of overseas growth through the purchase of companies in France (Conserves France), the UK (Mediterranean Growers), Spain (Juver) and Germany (Warburger). Today, the Group is the leading tinned foods producer on the European fruit and vegetable market, both in terms of turnover and raw ingredient processing.


The success of the group, the market leader in drinks (fruit juices, nectars and fruit drinks) and tinned fruits, vegetables and tomato-based products, is closely linked to the company’s declaration of principles and its sales strategy: “To be a leader in the European processed fruit and vegetable markets, you have to focus on brands in order to create more added value in the fruits and vegetables grown by farmers associated with the Group”. Conservas Italia includes 48 cooperative associations with more than 14,000 associated farmers. The Group receives and processes around 600,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetable and controls 100% of the supply chain, from the planting through to the final product, meaning that our products are of the highest quality.


The Group’s turnover of 872 million euros in the 2016/17 financial year is a clear testament to its undeniable leadership. The daily work of the farmers, the commitment of the technicians during harvest and the production process and quality controls throughout the supply chain, up until the product reaches the points of sale, guarantee the Group’s supremacy when it comes to producing products of the utmost quality. It is what you would expect of the “Leader in Nature”.